• Utilizing the same swing-in shoe mechanism that comes with the Single Hung Tilt windows offered by Euro Choice, our Double Hung Tilt Windows include two tilting window panels.
  • Efficient spiral sash balance system holds it securely in any position, letting you clean the exterior from the inside
  • A full size screen allows ventilation from top to bottom.
Double Hung Windows
Double Hung Windows

Homeowners enjoy the user-friendliness and easy-to-clean mechanism of our Double Hung Tilted windows without ever having to step outside! Another benefit this model offers is the flexibility in desired airflow and ventilation. The increased airflow and solid security features have made them a prominent favourite amongst our customers!

Double Hung Windows

Since the arrival of Double Hung Tilted Windows to contemporary window systems, traditional European style has come to meet modern day energy efficiency. With Euro Choice’s cutting-edge approach in the manufacturing of this model, Double Hung Tilted Windows allow for both sashes to be configured in the manner which you desire, aiding not only in the effortless cleaning of this window but also in providing control of whether the window is conducting warm or cool air-flow throughout your home!

For instance in summer, you may choose to cool the room down by opening the top panel to keep the cool air to the lower half since cold air sinks, or you may want to keep in the heat in the winter while granting your home fresh air through the bottom panel as the risen warmth remains floating atop. Euro Choice Double Hung Tilt Windows have proven to be an ideal choice for kitchens, bedrooms, common areas etc.

Euro Choice Double Hung Tilted Windows also perform efficiently as above-ground basement windows by providing peace of mind in security measures and locking systems, alongside the advantages that come with properly ventilating the air-flow of a basement through any season!