• Casement windows offer a broad, unobstructed view and ample airflow to any space.
  • Euro Choice’s classic white vinyl frame complements any home’s décor.
  • Highly weather-tight and triple-sealed, it opens to a full 90° for easy cleaning from inside of your home.

A Casement Window is pivoted to swing open outwards, with the convenient use of a hidden handle and a patented Casement Stay offering a clear, open-doorway view of the outside world.

Euro Choice Casement Windows offer comfort with security, while delivering a window that resembles a picture frame. A Casement Window can create the perception of height into any space, as its shape is more long than wide, thereby providing the visual effect that a wall is actually higher than it truly is!

Efficient functionality is built right into Euro Choice Casement Windows, with a cleverley hidden handle that turns with ease to open the window outwards. The design of a casement window also allows for simple coverage with shades, blinds or curtains. Casement windows can be installed as a single, long window or in pairs that form the look of one large window, adding even more design options to the setting of your home!

As with all of our products, our Casement Windows are incredibly durable and free from the hassle of seasonal service or repairs!

At Euro Choice, we take pride in delivering the finest in contemporary Casement Windows and all of the benefits they bring in comfort, user-friendliness, security, safety, charm and simplistic allure!