A lifetime warranty is often the promise made by a majority of dealers and manufacturers within the industry. yet many customers end up feeling short-handed in the urgency and fulfillment of these promises.

At Euro Choice Windows and Doors, we’ve come to know that the main components in how we are distinguished from our competitors comes through the satisfaction granted to our customers through the sincere attitude we uphold. We deliver on the customer service we believe all of our clients deserve!
By entrusting Euro Choice with your Windows and Doors, you have a company at your side with your best interest in mind. We offer all our resources in maintaining the high quality of any work that bears our name in installations, products and/or services!

Whether due to a defect/malfunction or a need for replacement parts, we stand by our work! We take on any costs in labor, so don’t hesitate to call if a problem arises.

At Euro Choice Windows and Doors we understand that just as with any other product or service, fenestration hardware may also be subject to a defect or complication. As a trusted name and industry leader in Canadian home and hardware providers, Euro Choice always ensures to grant clients with the same sincere line of service in warranty based repairs, as the day of original service and installment! Our clients rest assured knowing that no disputes are expected when it comes to calling upon us to fulfill our requirements in service repairs.

We abide by our Sequence-Priority implementation in repair services; granting every Warrantee Service caller the service they require within an accommodating and reasonable frame of time! It’s through this approach that we have earned the invaluable trust and complements of our customers; we stay true to what comes with being a Canadian owned and operated enterprise, and stand by our word to deliver the prompt, polite and punctual service that is expected of us! We strive to remain a company held up to the finest of industry standards in what we do!

At Euro Choice Windows & Doors we offer a wide range of products and services, each accompanied by their respective terms of Warranty, so we are always more than happy to oblige in providing and explaining them to all of our valued customers. Just call and let us know how we can be of assistance!