Can I install my own windows instead of hiring a professional?

We urge homeowners to know; window instalments are not the simple and fast “do it yourself” type of projects. The precision and expertise required in installing a window, is crucial in the care for for the materials purchased. If installed improperly, which can happen easily in such first-time attempts, window parts may suffer damage or become modified if installed imprecisely. Also, the measuring tools involved in the window installation process are not common to household tool boxes and must be operated by a trained professional for best results.

Are your prices truly as competitive as you claim?

In short…absolutely! But what we mean by this is certainly not that we call ourselves the cheapest or lowest charging fenestration company in Canada. We are offer incredible products and couple yhem with uncompromising high quality services! Those who ask for fees that seem “too good to be true” are usually compromising in the quality of material and services which you deserve the best of, when it comes to the investment of the windows to your home. We recommend that you always shop around but we assure you, our prices relative to what we offer in return, are truly the evident of the incredible value that keeps our customers coming back as well referring us to their friends!

Why is vinyl the better alternative?

Vinyl has a few contributing factors in why it’s a truly viable option as a substitute for wood and other materials.Vinyl is extremely easy to maintain willst sporting the delightful look of wood, which in fact would require much further means of maintenance if wood was actually used. Vinyl does not rust, corrode, rot, mold or fall apart. It remains unaffected by weather and construct survive countless seasons of extreme weather without working expanding or contracting. Vinyl also shares in the same R-value as wood, and holds greater benefits as an insulator.

Other than windows and doors, what other products or services do you provide?

At Euro Choice Windows and Doors, we believe in the art of specializing in one main area of expertise and investing all of our time, resources and abilities into our respective field; which has always been fenestration. We only do doors and windows but we do them right, and stand by our work, without spreading our attention too thin, into other trades and looking to make “a quick buck” anyway possible. We are proud of striving to be the best in what we do, and our passion compels us to stick to our field of professional expertise!

Why should windows be of concern to me?

Windows play an important and vital role in many aspects of your home. Imagine the countless units of energy that cost money, simply pouring out of old conventional windows, silently costing the homeowner thousands of dollars over the course of the years! A one time investment in the right window will not only prevent the senseless loss of paid-for energy, it also gives your home its face, its features and characteristics – though appearances are not everything, they certainly contribute to the overall value of your home.

Do you charge for estimates?

Not a cent! We understand what it can be like getting “cold feet” when thinking of a window replacement. Considering that we strive to remain as one of the top fenestration industry experts in Canada, our job is to provide you with all that you need to know, in order to equip you with all the necessary knowledge in helping you make a sound decision. Regardless of whether or not you choose to engage in renovations with us, we see it as our duty to inform you as best we can with the matters in which we specialize; windows and doors – so ask away!

What should I expect from a window replacement?

Window replacement is nowhere near as subtle a exchange; as simply adding a new coffee table to the living room, it is a combination of several important factors in regards to your home. Window replacement requires a sincere commitment from you to make informed decisions in regards to your investments, the appearance of your new windows, as well as the efficiency in relation to your desires and expectations.

What are the gains in windows with energy efficiency?

Energy efficient windows serve a purpose in every season throughout the year. Cold winter drafts, can create a truly uncomfortable and non-cosy home, while your windows allow costly, warm air to escape and seep through the cracks, which is a lose/lose scenario for any homeowner. In the summer, it can prove to be very difficult to cool down, causing you to wish you could just go back to the drifty winter! Instead of compromise in comfort, while jeopardizing your financial wellbeing, it may be relieving to make the one time investment; and switching over to a win/win scenario, where your home utilizes energy efficient window systems to keep you both comfortable and in charge of your energy bills! By installing our energy efficient windows you may reduce your energy bills by up to 50%.

How do I know when I need new windows?

There are some signs which are easy to spot when it comes to the need for a window replacement. If your windows are shaky or rattle with strong winds, it may mean that the frame no longer supports the panels and needs to be replaced all together. Difficulty in opening or closing can mean anything from deterioration to corrosion or rust, such a window has definitely had its run. Cold draughts leaking in from around the sills or sash, signify that your window maybe costing you more in lost energy, than they would to simply replace them! Peeling way or chipping paint is not only esthetically displeasing but can also facilitate mold and corrosion. Built up moisture, condensation and/or icing on the interior of a window pane, is usually a sign that the window is failing to ventilate or seal-out temperatures.