Benefits of Steel Doors:

  • Sturdy frame prevents warping and decaying
  • Heavy duty, durable steel hinges
  • Flexible, airtight weather stripping keeps out wind and prevents air leaks
  • Resistant to cracking and splitting
  • Secure

Our Steel Doors are airtight systems which stand up to the elements over the long run. At Euro Choice we take pride in the high standard we maintain to ensure the best in safety, security and efficiency of our Steel Doors. Choose from a range of colours to customize your Steel Door. Our Pre-framed Steel Doors are hinge-sealed for extra weather protection. Heavy duty, solid steel hinges ensure that your door will not easily damaged or removed, not even by immense force… yes, we’ve tried, tested and it’s true!

Aluminum sill self drain systems come with every Euro Choice Steel Door, along with the added security of crack-resistant, galvanized steel facings to prevent anything from split and warping, to rust and corrosion. Our reinforcing lock-blocks accommodate various lock sets, deadbolts, and aesthetic hardware. Seal out any harsh winds or wind-driven precipitation, as well as hail or snow, with our flexible bottom sweep!

Ask us about custom staining, after you’ve chosen from a wide palette of base colours! We provide the options of vinyl cladding, custom sizing, composite frames – you name it! Contact us today to find out how a Euro Choice pre-framed Steel Door can make your entrance a grand one!