• Euro Choice Patio Doors come with your choice in Swing or Slide Doors
  • Solid double-side laminated glass door panels allow for the clear view of the outdoors, while brightening your home with a perfect inlet of natural lighting!
  • Standard 2 panel available, or 4 panel installation for a wider, more open look.

Euro Choice Patio Doors Toronto bring you the perfect widescreen view of nature throughout the changing Canadian seasons. At Euro Choice, we bring European style door options to your home!

We take into account all the seasonal and environmental elements of Canadian weather, in order to manufacture European-style doors that withstand the test of time in quality and functionality.

When we plan the design and manufacturing of the perfect patio doors, we consider everyone’s style and functionality needs, so we’re happy to be offering the style options of Swing or Slide Patio Doors!

Euro Choice Slide Patio Doors offer modern, sleek and desirable esthetics, combined with the effortless functionality of a non-space consuming Patio Door. Sill Strips are implemented for high-performance energy efficiency and debris blockage; meaning that winter drafts of cold air are blocked as warmth is sealed in, and the dust, pollen and unwanted airborne elements of other seasons are blocked out.

Available in standard 2 panel, or if double doors are desired, we also offer our 4 panel installations for that wider more open-space look.

Euro Choice Swing Patio Doors offer the solid, chic and simplistic styles in frame that accompany our sliding patio doors, alongside the classic functionality of a swing-to-open door!

This modern approach to patio doors brings an open view and natural lighting to any room. Euro choice Swing Patio Doors are perfect for smaller patios, in a 2 panel single door or in double door – 4 panel configuration, to grant the luxury of more natural lighting and boundless views!