Euro Choice bring European style windows & doors to homeowners across Ontario!

  • Tilt and Turn Windows use a single lever to control all the features
  • Multi-chamber technology for optimised insulation
  • You can tilt, turn and clean from the inside of your home

Our Tilt and Turn Windows are incomparable to almost any other system, offering indirect ventilation, energy efficiency, noise reduction and security features.

With multi-chamber technology for optimised insulation and forced-entry protection of the highest standard, Tilt and Turn Windows have become a staple of modern European luxury.

By manufacturing Tilt and Turns in large sizes, Tilt and Turn Windows can act as both windows and doors. Euro choice Tilt and Turn Windows tilt with a forward bow, towards the interior; meaning the upper corners of the panel lean inwards to vent-out and invite a flow of fresh air throughout the room.
When turned, Tilt and Turn windows swing to one side, while hinged and pivoted by the other. In emergency scenarios regarding the dangers of fire or home intrusion Tilt and Turn windows have been known to save the lives of many who were able to safely exit a room without the use of its door by turning-open a large Tilt and Turn window.

At Euro Choice Doors and Windows we take extra special pride in offering this efficient and practical architectural marvel for your lovely home!

Tilt and Turn Windows